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Default Favorite Character including info from ToM prologue and chapter 8?

I was just wondering if any one had read the pre release text from the new book and re-evaluated any of their opinions about the various characters. For instance, I had previously disliked Galad(as I expect was the writer's intention) a very great deal and found myself skipping Galad-centric chapters during re-read sessions. However, given the new information, I find Galad to be a more relate-able character. Also, I've noticed that Rand has slipped away from being one of my favorite characters to a less important role. He certainly does amazing things in his chapters, but I see his chapters as a sort of countdown to TG while other characters like Mat and Elayne (and occasionally Egwene) have become the real meat of the story. Rand is sort of too powerful in my opinion, sort of de-humanized, like a super character. Anyone have similar thoughts about favorite characters?