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Originally Posted by Terez View Post
I believe that Verin not only knows the Aiel better than most wetlanders, but she also probably knows the Shadow's plans for them. She would have a lot of reason to do what she did. I will look for some more direct foreshadowing; I'm sure I can find some.
Did the Shadow have any plans for them? At least the Forsaken was surprised at how much they had changed from what they used to be.

And if the Dark One wins obviously there are no plans for anybody after that.

Again, this chapter is about what to do with the Aiel in the event they actually WIN the Last Battle.

This is critically important only if you were privy to the information that Aviendha got because she used her Talent.

Another thought: What if Aviendha changed the function of the glass columns PERMANENTLY so all future Wise Ones and Clan Chiefs went through what she went through? That would be pretty powerful motivation to change if they could all see that.

Last I read, almost all the leadership of the Aiel both Wise Ones and clan chiefs were for wiping the Seanchan off the face of the earth as soon as the Last Battle was done.

I think that is part of the sentiment that inevitably leads to their destruction and needs to be somehow changed.

This of course doesn't change the fact that I happen to AGREE with the Aiel about the Seanchan.