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Originally Posted by Tamyrlin View Post
They will do what's necessary from what they read in the dreams. They will meddle as much as is required to save as large a remnant of their people as they can. But I'll wait for the theory to prove that out.
Hmmmm, no, I don't think they would break ji'e'toh like this. They would just tell Aviendha straight up. Why bother with this charade?

Unless the dream demanded this? Which would be pretty darn contrived don't you think?

I am 99% sure this is not an Aiel at all.

Who else it could be is anyone's guess.

Verin maybe but again she is THAT much of a busybody? And how did she even FIND Aviendha while simultaneously giving out letters to all these people . . . I don't know if logistically or thematically it makes sense for her to do this.

It HAS to be someone who has a vested interest in the Aiel's future, who cares about them, and it has to be someone who is NOT Aiel so he/she can provide the invaluable perspective of an outsider.

I just don't know.