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Default It's Amys!

Ok, how about this -
It's simply the Wise Ones' doing, a part of the process. They need to be sure she can think for herself and come to reasonable conclusion, they know she will have a big role to play.
In TGS ch.11 Melanie makes Avi think on the future of Aiel, she spends whole paragraphs doing it - "A remnanat of a remnant. He had broken the Aiel as a people. What would become of them?"
Aviendha is told not to Travel straight there so she has time to think, on the way they get 'Nakomi' to ask some more questions to make think some more and check on her state of mind.
Part way through the conversation Aviendha thinks "[Nakomi] did not wear the clothing of a Wise One, but there was something about her..."
And in TGS ch.15 - "Of all the Wise Ones, only she - a former Maiden - could have sneaked up on Aviendha."