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Default Egwene's Dream about the nest of eagles

The vision changed. She was looking down at a nest. In it, a group of fledgling eagles screeched toward the sky for their mother. One of the eaglets uncoiled, and it wasn't an eagle at all, but a serpent. It began to strike at the fledglings one at a time, swallowing them whole. The eaglets simply continued to stare into the sky, pretending that the serpent was their sibling as it devoured them…

The middle of the three this night was the clearest to her. She felt the meaning of it, interpreting it as she sometimes could. The serpent was one of the Forsaken, hidden in the White Tower, pretending to be Aes Sedai. Egwene had suspected this was the case—Verin had said she believed it so.
Mesaana was still in the White Tower.
Egwene is correct about Mesaana hiding in the Tower but I think she misinterprets the Dream nonetheless.

Egwene attributes the murdered sisters to Mesaana when in fact, they were killed by the Bloodknives. So the events don't match the Dream because the "serpent" didn't kill any "eagles". Dreams are supposed to be prophetic which implies that it's impossible to change the outcome unless there's an "if" involved.

I think it's more likely to refer to the BT and the 13x13 thing going on there because we know that actually happened and the people there are slow to notice what's happening there while others (e.g. Egwene and Rand) hardly pay any attention to it even when they know they should.