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Default Gateways and other Questions for Brandon Sanderson

Hey all, I emailed Brandon Sanderson and he responded, so I thought I'd post the exchange here. My original email to him is pasted below his response.

Brandon Sanderson:
"Thank you for the email. You raise some great points. Really, I need to dig into the notes and find out of there's a reason for this, and what the reason is. Honestly, it hadn't occurred to me that there might be a problem, as some of these sequences (as I mentioned) are based on direction I received, not my own conjuring. I don't generally fact-check those as exhaustively as I do my own.

My instinct is that there's a reason in the notes given, and it's probably something like you mentioned. Some kind of leak of power on a weave that huge when tied off. Or, even, it continues to drain strength form the one who made it. We'll see, but for now, you are free to theorize. I'll say this: It isn't a mistake, as it wasn't something I came up with on my own. (The lack of tying the gateways off.)



My email to Brandon Sanderson:

"I was reading through the new quotes from the recent book tours, and I came across this:

'Towers of Midnight book tour 16 November 2010 WH Smith, Paris, France - Jonathan B. reporting

I asked [Brandon Sanderson] about why Grady didn't tie off the gateways to move Perrin's troops if he was too tired to keep them open. Brandon [said] that this was part of the instructions he had, so he didn't want to change it (my speculation is that I think that means it was probably in the notes themselves but I don't know that for sure). He said that it makes sense for tying off gateways to have a cost for the channeller to maintain because if it were so easy to create gateways and tie them off, it could be very breaking for the logistics of the world. If this were possible in the Age of Legends for example, why would anyone need a horse or a wagon or to develop any other kind of technology to transport anything? There could just be tied off gateways from everywhere to everywhere else.'

It has bothered many of us in the last few books that they haven't mentioned tying off gateways as an option at all. I think it's quite likely that the Pattern was keeping Perrin and his force in that area so that he would meet/deal with the Whitecloaks and do all the other stuff he had to do to become the new Perrin 2.0. But, reading the above quote made me think of earlier in the series, where Rand blocks Avienda's closing gateway and that despite him doing that, the gateway still slowly shrank. Asmodean's response was that he had only known of a couple people ever being able to block a closing gateway. I know that this doesn't necessary directly relate to tying off gateway's, but it seems that the same problem might exist. Naturally gateways are very powerful, in that they can slice solid objects as they open or close. It makes sense to me that gateways would strongly resist remaining open, and that tying them off would have limited affect. Who would want to be walking through a tied off gateway if that gateway might close on them at any moment?

Could this be the reason that people don't attempt to tie off gateways for long periods of time?"