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Default narrowing the field

Given that Brandon posted his teaser between two tweets concerning events in the chapter we can pinpoint, it stands to reason that the foreshadowing occurred between those moments.

The tweet occurring prior to the teaser was about Eggy and her romantic feelings towards Rand and Galad as she's getting ready to test out the ring.

The tweet that follows is about the Supergirls first reaction to the BA in Tear being the desire to go after them.

Therefore, I don't think it's anything about Verin's comments or activities in the kitchens. It's almost certainly contained within the trip to T'A'R.

After a quick read through the relevant pages, the things that stand out to me are Eggy's thoughts about gentling Rand, her never killing him, Rand's fiery eyes, or something about the dream world being no less real for being a dream.
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