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Originally Posted by GonzoTheGreat View Post
TGS, Chapter 49, Just Another Man, is also used as a song title by a number of people (none of whom I've ever heard of, to be honest).
KoD, Chapter 24, Honey in the Tea, may have been inspired by Billie Piper's Honey to the Bee. Then again, maybe not.
KoD, Chapter 33, Nine out of Ten, is the title of a Pet Shop Boys song. Which, I have to say, I'm quite happy not to have recognised, even after Google presented it to me.

I'm sure there are plenty of others. Just have a look at the tables of contents, and then look up any likely looking chapter title together with the keyword "lyrics".
Eh, this is all rather off-topic, but a quick search found that the line "Honey in the tea" is used in the song 'In The Drink' - Barenaked Ladies.
I'd like to sip the sap from your tree
And the honey in the tea
Dripping amber drips
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