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Default Winter's Heart, Prologue 'Snow'

Every once in a while I find something quite curious. Take this short passage describing Dyelin.

Dyelin gave an irritated grunt. A large, round silver pin worked with Taravin’s Owl and Oak was fastened at the high neck of her dark green dress, her only jewelry. A show of pride in her House, perhaps too much pride; the High Seat of House Taravin was a proud woman altogether. Gray streaked her golden hair and fine lines webbed the corners of her eyes, yet her face was strong, her faze level and sharp. Her mind was a razor. Or maybe a sword. A plainspoken woman, or so it seemed, who did not hide her opinions.

Winter's Heart, Prologue 'Snow' -- Elayne point of view; with Dyelin, Birgitte
Dyelin dressed akin to a Brown Ajah stereotype, relatively plain clothes... a blue dress... yet a House Jewelry Pin is present akin to Logain's House Pin (KoD book).

Her House symbol of an "Owl and Oak", is slightly morbid and a bit negative... if one recalls that an Owl hooting is an Omen 'that someone is going to die soon'; 'Oak Trees who fight the Wind do not survive a Storm'.

Ideally a Mouse and a Willow Tree, are better symbols of survival, for the times coming. Wind, Lightning, Ice, Flood, Storm.

Yet as Verin once said to paraphrase, Owl's eat Mice. Is Dyelin a danger? Ahh oh, who is associated with the symbol of a mouse? Matrim Cauthon, Beslan, Valan Luca.

I wonder if Dyelin can survive the storm, even if she makes excellent decisions? Can Dyelin find the Eye of the Storm, still winds? In other words, the Dragon? Otherwise, Oaks can and do break apart at the razor's edge of a storm.

If Dyelin meets Fortuona riding a Razor in Tar Valon without the true Dragon near by (Valan Luca)... I fear for Dyelin.

Might Dyelin's Pride and earlier vow to Rand al'Thor to keep Andor whole, push her to in time abandon Elayne as Queen of Andor for another more senior ruler?

Yes, I believe so... for Elayne's future husband. A man, with a few relatives from one House of Matherin, in another prior time period....

Considering RJ's major love of sword(s) and razor(s) metaphors, is this a subtle foreshadowing by RJ of Dyelin's later actions in the final WoT book?
Yes, I believe it is indeed.

Speculation, Predictions

Dyelin, I think will listen listen to many individuals, before coming to a decision--possibly including:
Birgitte, Gareth Bryne, Aviendha, Siuan, Leane, Teslyn Baradon, Joline, Leilwin, Bethamin, Chel Vanin & the Band of Red Hand, Bode Cauthon, Mother Guenna, Tam al'Thor, Galad, Berelain, Lelaine, Romanda, Gray Ajah, many Warders, Wise Ones including Amys Melaine & Bair, Roofmistresses, Kinswomen, Novices, Accepted and many more Aes Sedai among others.

I do not expect Faile to stick around however, considering Gaul's prior promise to Perrin.
Why listen, then decide? To protect Andor, her estates, and try to win the Last Battle as best as she can. Dyelin's future decision, will help decide who shall wear the Crown of Andor in the near future once again.

It's to be decided by a razor's edge, and the bloody Sword of Justice.

Question is can Dyelin, her supporters, and peers survive it's conclusion? Can they keep their heads? Let alone above the icy waters?

Deciding who to trust was always the difficulty, and trust a razor’s edge.--Rand al'Thor (ACoS, Ch.41 "A Crown of Swords")
A celebration of still being alive. One more time they had walked under the Dark One’s nose and survived to tell the tale. One more dance along the razor’s edge finished.

TFoH book, Chapter 45 "After the Storm" --- Matrim Cauthon point of view
What do you all think of Dyelin as a character?
How about Dyelin's role so far in the story?
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