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Originally Posted by WinespringBrother View Post
Somehow I get the feeling that even if Rand had all the names/descriptions of the stray Black Ajah, that he might not recognize one to see them, since they know they are hunted and they will presumably know how to disguise themselves.
This is just a little something I thought I should bring to light in this discussion. Rand no longer has any need for a list of names. After his transformation he clearly states that the time for hiding and manipulating is over.

Somehow his transformation has given him the ability to recognise those who have sworn oaths to the Dark One. Evidence being when he lined up the High Lords and Ladies of Tear and removed the Darkfriends from their midst.

It is an assumption, but I believe it to be a correct one. That we can assume this new "sight" or "ability" will extend to all Darkfriends, including Black Ajah. Therefore the danger posed by sleeper cells of Black Ajah in Rand company taking him by surprise no longer exists. However that does not mean they pose no danger, just that the element of surprise is not a factor any more.

However, Egwene does not know this so her choice not to impart such crucial knowledge on a potentially world ending threat - the possibility of Rand being killed prematurely by Black Ajah Agents - is a very big oversight. The fact that it is unlikely to happen is no excuse. When the fate of your world hangs in the balance you don't play around.

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