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Default My "thoughts" on Mat and Egwene

I have always seen Mat as the young man raised with prejudice towards most things and people but he has feelings for individual cases, once involved, and feels responsible for them.
Where he comes from AS were considered the third worst thing in the world. Male channelers being the second and the Dragon and the DO tied for first place (that's the ranking I think the people from the TR had). This bias sticks with him throughout the series. His dislike for Rand in tGH was an exception caused by the influence of the dagger.
He does not back away from dangers even though he tries to stay out of them. Once he's in, he follows through. He has his peculiar honor that plays a role too. That honor contradicts all his other instincts and makes him hard to read/makes him unpredictable in the beggining. When I got to know him better, I saw that he used the means presented to him, although he disliked a lot of them, and he had goals to strive for (i.e. saving the girls from BA AS, releasing damane, keeping the Band alive etc.). Those goals was never selfish despite him being a seflish person.

Regarding him being a hypocrite:
He did not ask for or in any other way show that he wanted help when under the daggers influense. He thought that he was okay and normal, as everyone should be. He thought he had a right to feel and act (as paranoid) as he did. He did not know what the dagger did to him.
When Rand turned out to be the second worst thing in the world, he had a right to be scared (he was not yet free of the dagger and he did not know much of the world at this point). I figure that Rand turning into a mad channeler equals to my best friend becoming a werewolf that does not need the full moon to transform and go crazy (that would certainly scare me enough to stay clear of her. Egwene and Nynaeve had had some teaching from Moiraine and had a greater knowledge of such things + Nynaeve was with them to save them and Egwene loved Rand. Why Perrin didn't freak out more, I do not know. He might have had more trouble with the wolves than I thought and/or thought it through really slow and deliberately.

As I read the series, I found his parts the most amusing (that's probably the point of his witticism in the series) and he is the character I can relate to the most, not incuding his biases and dislike of being ta'veren.

Moving on to the other character in this thread. And I don't want to stir the kettle, just leave my oppinion for you to see. This is no Egwene bashing as I feel I do not like or dislike her, I only think I understand her mind. Bear in mind that I have not read Ravens (as I have not found a book with that chapter in my hometown*)!
Egwene has always wanted to do the best she can in her place with no regards to earlier events and experiences, she even cheats and lies if she thinks she gets away with it. She became an apprentice to the Wisdom and followed Nynaeve were she went. She then got an opportunity to be better as an AS. She listened to Moiraine AND channeled without supervision (cheating!). She later learned that she might be a Dreamer and Dreamwalker. She practiced and practiced and used it in her other chores, i.e. hunting the 13 BA. The three girls said they were full Sisters (lying!). When she found out she could learn from the WO, she went there immediately, leaving Nyaneve and Elayne with their mission from the Mother (the job they had gotten was still being carried out while she learned more about dreams (cheating!)). Was still posing as a full Sister (lying!) and Dreamwalking without the WO's approval (lying and cheating!). So far all her lying and cheating has gone unnoticed and she has learned and achieved a lot more than she would have, had she followed the rules and regulations. When she gets summoned to the SAS, she confesses her lies to the Aiel and gets her punishment. A normal cheater would have been happy to leave with no one the wiser but not Egwene. She got what she wanted and paid for it. When arriving in Salidar and gets her instructions from her superiors, she follows them. Egwene gets to be Amyrlin. Egwene didn't choose to be the Mother but she became her and she wants to be good at it while the SAS was thinking they would get a pet-Amyrlin. Siuan Sanche was thinking to use Egwene for her own plans and, therefore, thaught Egwene. Of course Egwene used Siuan's teachings to become good at her new chores. Some might consider that cheating but I think she were just using Siuan in Salidar as she would have been using the library in the Tower albeit using Siuan is more effective.
She showed that she has goals that she strives for, she wants to do a good job and be better. She is a career woman and has been isolated for some time. What she thinks to be doing a good job might go together with the reality of things, also, it might not.
At the moment she has a political job. She has managed one part of her job, to unite the "government" behind her and remove all out opposition in the "parlament". The other part she has to work with now, the realm she "governs", the real job.

It might look like ramble babble and it might be. I know what I think but I have trouble getting my message on print, I digress a tad (or sixty) to much (acording to my friends).

*it is the hometown that the band Wannadies are singing about in their song My Home Town
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