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We've actually talked about the Joshua Bell experiment before, but my perpsective of it has always been that the quality of the musician is secondary to the time one has to appreciate and reward the quality when bustling through a commuter corrider every day (which I do). I hear excellent musicians some days, and I simply can't get to my wallet fast enough without interrupting the flow of pedestrian traffic. OR alternatively, it's that yes I appreciate the music, but am late for a meeting or it's raining, or I have too many bags - or whatever.

With regards to yks' perception of Mat being coloured solely due to his being a gambler, I would be careful there. She's more than capable of being objective, and her refusal to make Mat the pinnacle male character as so many of us are wont to do is less a function of his being a gambler and moreso a well reasoned, multi-level rationale. Much like my dislike of Berelain.
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