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Originally Posted by Terez View Post
missbee, do you happen to have a list of internal contradictions? I found a few when I was trying to make a timeline, but didn't note them down. I need to go back through those books again and note those contradictions, but I'd need to start taking notes with COT and KOD to work it all out.
Here is the list. I had hoped to find the original running list I kept whilst making the spreadsheet but I can't find it. So this list is from memory and almost certainly incomplete.
I've taken 'several' to mean 3 or 4 and 'few' to mean 3 - except where noted below. I've used the same references as on the spreadsheet and PoVs are in bold.

729 - KOD pr/22 Suroth has been looking for Tuon for '17 days' and Furyk left town '9 days' ago doesn't square with 720 - 4/180 Furik PoV or 719 - 4/169 Furyk PoV.
770 - 19/307 Tuon has taken 7 days to reach Ebou Dar which seems waaay too short to me. But both Mat's and Tuon's timelines are so firmly tied in to other events and timelines that it is impossible to make her trip last longer. Shorter, yes, but not longer. I suspect this ties in to Mat's 20 day hitch, but I'm not sure.
785 - TGS 3/73 Avi is running from Caemlyn to see Rand in Arad Doman, which is contradicted by Rand in 748 - KOD 27/599 when he thinks that Avi is already in Arad Doman - this needs checking but my daughter has stolen the book off me and I can't, for now.
792 - TGS 28/463 Mat - Trustair is described as '20 leagues away' by the Hinderstap mayor, but 10 days later Mat is still 'half a day' away. Even allowing for the 'hard ride' it apparently was (TGS 34) and for delays in finding someone to draw a map this seems too long
793 - TOM 2/60 Perrin - described as 'over a month/few weeks since he's left Malden'. I have it at 43 days after Malden which stretches the description, but I feel that Perrin's timeline afterwards is also stretched so I have left it there. It could be pushed back to 790, but then Perrin stalling 'last several' days (802 to 809 - TOM 16/230 Faile) stretches from 7 days to 10.
815 - TOM 29/461 Perrin lets Tam go to Tear via a gateway, even though Slayer's dreamspike is in place the day before. (719 - 28/438 Perrin ) But this can probably be fudged around since we don't know exactly where the gateway was.
815 - TGS 44/735 Nyn - 'during the past week' Nyn had been trying to question Cad. I believe this refers to events after Rand balefired Natrin's Barrow (806 - 37/601 Min) when Nyn went to see Cad to demand what her plans were 9 days before (not 10)
829 - TOM 47/706 Perrin, Mat and Thom catch up. Mat hasn't seen Verin for 'over two weeks'. I've made it 27 days. This is so tightly tied to so many other PoVs that I've been unable to make it any shorter without causing problems elsewhere
833 - TOM 53/777 Perrin arrives at FoM. IIRC he sees Bryne's troops there. It may be that the troops arrived early to prepare, just like Perrin, but they are seen still working on palisades in (56/814 Eg) which is a bit odd.
I am reasonably sure Perrin did arrive early at FoM because he talks of training troops while they still have time and sends off for more soldiers. But 833 seems too early. As before though, this is tied so firmly into other events that I can't move the date forward without making Mat's ride to Trustair even longer than it is.
844 - TOM 57/821 Mat's exit from ToG could be anywhere between 833 and 844

Terez, I still have your email address from the Great Hunt, so I can send you a copy of the spreadsheet for reference if you like. I find it much easier to read than the one on Google docs. Just let me know if you want ods or xls format.

I'd appreciate it if you could let me know when you find any other anomalies. Thanks.

Edit: just remembered another - there is/was debate regarding the order of Moridin's PoVs at TPOD Pr and ch 2 (ie. should they be reversed so that chronologically ch 2 comes before the Pr.) Personally I can understand why they would be reversed and have no problem with it.

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