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Default The safety of Tar Valon

Since it's the last book that's coming, I've decided to start a serious re-read. Previously I did my re-reads from like, book 3 onwards (when Mat is not being creepy dagger-possessed and kicks even more arse). I also decided to do something a little different, cause I normally read NS after TFoH. This time I started with NS and now go on to EoTW.

[Funnily enough, EoTW is one of my 'YMMV' books and is really the biggest hurdle to cross getting into the series. I like some parts of it, but other parts (like the weird Old Tongue exchanges and greetings at Fal Moran) appear unwieldy and you never see it done again cause you got the feeling the RJ sat back after it and read it himself after it was published then thought 'yeah, let's not do that again'.]

With that fresh in my mind, it comes to me as slightly strange that Moiraine would suggest taking the Two Rivers boys to Tar Valon at all.

Even with Siuan as the Amyrlin, Tar Valon is an incredibly unsafe place to be and they both know it. After all, their own adventure became all the more urgent when it became clear that the Black Ajah was involved.

I can't help but wonder what she and Siuan decided to do once they brought the boys there because I'm pretty sure even Tamra's original plan to find the reborn Dragon was followed by the plan to sequester him somewhere totally isolated and away from the prying eyes of the world until he was of a more suitable age.

Not forgetting that for nearly 20 years, they did not know any other sister they could trust; and they generally only managed to figure out who was trust worthy after the person was dead (i.e. Tamra's chosen and even then I think Tamra got lucky)

I guess writing wise, we could make a guess that it was a kind of later book ret-con or something :/ but it would be nice if we had some idea of what they planned to do.
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