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Default TGH: Ch. 03 - Callandor

Loony ideas follow, but it's late and I'm having fun with the implausible train of thought...I'm sure one of you will kill it on site and I can get back to my re-read.

Rand is thinking about going to Tar Valon and thinks this:

TITLE: Great Hunt
CHAPTER: 3 - Friends and Enemies
For a moment, feeling lost, he leaned against the corridor wall, the stone hard under his shoulder. Eyes blank, he stared at a distant nothing and saw things he did not want to see. Gentled. Would it be so bad, to have it all over? Really over? He closed his eyes, but he could still see himself, huddling like a rabbit with nowhere left to run, and Aes Sedai closing round him like ravens. They almost always die soon after, men who've been Gentled. They stop wanting to live. He remembered Thom Merrilin's words too well to face that. With a brisk shake, he hurried on down the hall. No need to stay in one place until he was found. How long till they find you anyway? You're like a sheep in a pen. How long? He touched the sword hilt at his side. No, not a sheep. Not for Aes Sedai or anybody else. He felt a little foolish, but determined.
This made me think of Egwene's experience in the Arches:

TITLE: Dragon Reborn
CHAPTER: 23 - Sealed
The accident with the ter'angreal, Egwene's fear that someone might have read the papers Verin had given her, her suspicions of everyone in that chamber, all these had been terrible, but they had buffered her in a rough, ungentle way from what had happened inside the ter'angreal. They had come from outside; the other was inside. Elayne's words stripped the buffer away, and what was inside hit Egwene as if the ceiling had collapsed. Rand her husband, and Joiya her baby. Rand pinned and begging her to kill him. Rand chained to be gentled.
She sees Rand chained to be gentled, and I wonder if the slip of truth in that vision of a possible future is that Rand will be gentled.

But Gentled? Now? They talked about it so often in the early books, but it's dropped off the radar and with the healing of Gentling/Stilling, but I thought, ok, let's say he is Gentled, what then, how would it fit?

And then wondered if Rand were Gentled how could he still fight the Dark One, how could it be beneficial, since we now know that Gentling can be healed. If Nynaeve was there, why wouldn't she "fix" him? Which led me down the thought to Callandor's buffer issue:

INTERVIEW: Oct 28th, 2005
KOD Signing Report - Jason Wolfbrother (Paraphrased)

Was Callandor constructed during the War of Power?


Was it used in the War of Power?

Yes, that is how the flaw was discovered.

Why didn't they ward/buffer Callandor?

The flaw with Callandor is simply a manufacturing flaw. He went on to talk about how they were at the end of their tech age with only a few sho-wings and jo-cars left. A couple of shocklances were still around but they were not as prevalent as they had been. Anyway they had been mass producing ter'angreal, angreal, and sa'angreal, and there are bound to be flaws with the products. The flaw with Callandor is simply one such flaw.
Heh. Simply a flawed Sa'angreal...that becomes the key to the destiny of the Third Age. And then this quote was interesting:

INTERVIEW: Jul, 2009 Book Club Q&A with Brandon Sanderson

WOT question: Rereading the series right now to get ready for The Gathering Storm, currently on book 4. Has RJ included details in his notes about who made Callandor and who placed it in the Stone of Tear (and how)?

There were notes on Callandor, and the sword will play a part in the final three books. More, I cannot say. However, I'll make a note to suggest that Harriet consider this question when creating the Encyclopedia, so anything that doesn't end up in the last books is revealed there.
So...there is much more to say about Callandor that could be included in the Encyclopedia that we haven't learned?

And this one:

INTERVIEW: Apr, 2012
Afternoon Tea with Brandon Sanderson - Luckers (Paraphrased)

Okay, so, there have been three incidences where characters have ignored the Choedan Kal in favour of Callandor—or well, not even that. Just ignored the Choedan Kal. Shaidar Haran in The Gathering Storm when Elza took the Domination Band, Solinda during Rand’s flashbacks was the one who gave the ter’angreal to the Aiel, but made no efforts to secure the Choedan Kal like Callandor, and the Aes Sedai who was looking to fight Ishamael during the breaking who took sa’angreal from the Aiel, but left the Choedan Kal. So I guess the question is...

Why are they choosing Callandor over the Choedan Kal?

Well, not even that, really, because two of those have nothing to do with the Callandor. I guess it’s more, was there something dodgy... did they know something about the Choedan Kal... why did they leave it?

There is a reason. It has to do with Callandor being key to the ending, and the Choedan Kal not.
So - it was simply a flawed manufacturing process which created a Sa'angreal that will be key to the end of this Age, about which there is data that will likely not be revealed in the books and could end up in the Encyclopedia.

What is it that we don't know about this Sa'angreal? What if the lack of a buffer, the flaw, is its greatest strength when used by a Gentled male linked to two females.

TITLE: The Gathering Storm
CHAPTER: 48 - Reading the Commentary
She focused on the book. So... Rand was to use Callandor as part of a circle, then? The three becoming one? But for what reason and with whom? If he was to fight the Dark One, then it didn't make sense for him to be in a circle with someone else in control, did it? "Cadsuane," she said. "This is still wrong. There's more here. Something we haven't discovered." "About Callandor?" the woman asked. Min nodded. "I suspect so as well," Cadsuane replied. How odd to hear her being frank! "But I haven't been able to determine what. If only that fool boy would revoke my exile, we could get on with more important—"
So - what haven't we discovered about Callandor?

(AMoL Spoiler Below)

We see in the latest cover for AMoL a picture of Rand going into the Pit with Callandor and Nynaeve and Moiraine. So, what is the answer to Min's question? Does it make sense for him to be in a circle with someone else in control?

So - I took a Gentled Rand, a flawed Sa'angreal that is the key to the world and allows unbuffered access to Saidin and then I wondered, could they link with a Gentled male, Rand, and could Callandor's lack of a buffer and possibly another quirk that is unrevealed (it can be used by a gentled channeler, or a Learner for example) be used to challenge the Dark One himself because the female directing the flows could draw as much as needed without worrying that it will destroy the male channeler who happens to be disconnected from the torrent of the Power, thanks to a "simple" manufacturing flaw?

I know, it's way loony and likely completely wrong, but do we have any data that makes the idea impossible? The main question would be, can a gentled channeler be brought into a circle? Although, I could pose the theory on top of a theory on top of a theory being that Callandor is "flawed" in such a way as to make it possible...(I can't remember at the moment if that is definitively answered in the books.)

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