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Default Terez's reread

I don't want a forum; a thread will do. I have been spamming the hell out of Twitter, so I figure I should attempt to let it out elsewhere. I have also been holding in a lot of my reread chatter to keep the Twitter-spamming to a minimum.

My reread thought for the night is something I've believed for a long time (like since before I joined here) and is probably true, but no one ever talks about it. When Birgitte is ripped out, you get a short Liandrin POV of Moghedien being Healed by Chesmal, then giving Liandrin her fancy shield, etc. Then Moghedien takes off to Ghealdan, tells them to follow on fast horses, and they never see her again.

Birgitte was ripped out in the night; early in the day Nynaeve saw Uno and went into the city with him. On the way out she passed a menagerie under the name of Mairin Gome.

Originally Posted by TFOH 38, An Old Acquaintance
The sign over the entrance to the nearest show said MAIRIN GOME in florid green and gold. Two women were clearly visible above the sign, clinging to a rope hanging from a tall framework of poles that had not been there when Luca's walls went up. Apparently the boar-horses' rearing high enough to be seen was having an effect. The women contorted themselves into positions that made Nynaeve think uncomfortably of what Moghedien had done, and somehow even managed to hold themselves out in horizontal handstands to either side of the rope. The crowd waiting impatiently in front of Mistress Gome's sign was almost as large as the one in front of Luca's. None of the other shows had anything visible that she could see, and their crowds were much smaller.
Nynaeve spent several hours in Samara with Uno and Ragan, talking to Masema and Galad, etc. Uno told her about a woman who had her neck broken (and then hanged) four days before because she was suspected of being Aes Sedai; the Whitecloaks apparently whipped up the mob. When she came back to the show after all that, there was a woman supposedly from that show:

Originally Posted by TFOH 40, The Wheel Weaves
To her surprise, there was an addition to the show. On a new platform not far from the entry, a woman in gauzy yellow trousers was standing on her head, arms outstretched to either side with a pair of white doves on each hand. No, not on her head. The woman was gripping some sort of wooden frame in her teeth and balancing on that. As Nynaeve watched, aghast, the peculiar acrobat lowered her hands to the platform for a moment while bending herself double, until she seemed to be sitting on her own head. Even that was not enough. Her legs curved down in front of her, then impossibly back up under her arms, whereupon she transferred the doves to the upturned soles of her feet, now the highest part of the contorted ball she had knotted herself into. The onlookers gasped and applauded, but the sight made Nynaeve shiver. It was all too good a reminder of what Moghedien had done to her....

...In an attempt to cover checking the sun, she nodded toward the woman in the gauzy trousers, who had now begun to twist herself into something that Nynaeve knew was impossible. While still balancing on her teeth. "Where did she come from?"

"Luca hired her," Birgitte answered calmly. "He bought some leopards, as well. Her name is Muelin."

If Birgitte was all self-possessed coolness, Elayne very nearly quivered with emotion. "Where did she come from?" she spluttered. "She came from a show that a mob nearly destroyed!"

"I heard about that," Nynaeve said, "but that isn't what is important. I "

"Not important!" Elayne rolled her eyes to the heavens as if for guidance. "Did you also hear why? I don't know whether it was Whitecloaks or this Prophet, but somebody whipped up that mob because they thought..." She glanced around without slowing and lowered her voice; none of the crowd had stopped, but every passerby stared at two obvious performers standing. "... that a woman in the show might wear a shawl." She emphasized the last word significantly. "Fools to think she'd be with a traveling menagerie, but then, you and I are."
With all the menageries around, it's strange she didn't find work in four days' time. Muelin was positioned by the entrance to watch all comings and goings, and presumably she left the show as soon as the girls did, three days later. She was no longer with Luca's show when Thom and Juilin returned to it with Mat a little over 5 months later.

Anyway, I've always thought Muelin was Moghedien, so I figured I'd share; no one else seems to have talked about that at all on the internet that I can find, and the people I've mentioned it to hadn't thought of it. Maybe it's just that no one cares; I'm sure that if Moghedien's identity had still been up in the air at the end of TFOH, everyone would know by now that she was Muelin for a time, and it's a short step from there to Marigan. But since she was all taken care of by the end of the book, no one bothered to mention it. (Including me.)
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