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Originally Posted by Ishara View Post
Plus, we have to remember that Hawkwing sort of hated the Aes Sedai - I'm not convinced he'd have a huge problem with the damane... Channelers were his one (cultivated) blind spot for a man consumed with the idea of justice for all.
That is only partially true. At the begining Hawkwing seemed to have frosty relations with the Aes Sedai. From what I remember of the guide the False Dragon around that time had taken over half the continent and Hawkwing was the only one able to match his leadership abilities. He led one last battle against the False Dragon whose name I can't remember and there the AS captured him.

Now presumably Hawkwing had at least a working relationship with the AS at that stage as he needed them to shield the False Dragon and they needed Hawkwings' soldiers and general abilities to defeat the False Dragon's army.

They escorted the False Dragon to Tar Valon were he was gentled but the Amrylin was pissed at Hawkwing and the AS who captured the False Dragon. I gather she was pissed because any ruler was only suppost to bring a small force to Tar Valon but for security Hawkwing brought his full army. The White Tower didn't like having its need for Hawkwing's help rubbed in its face.

The WT plotted against Hawkwing inderectly getting other nations to attack and that in turn lead to Hawkwing's rise to empire. Now I think the guide said that in the pease after Hawkwing took over the continent a lot of Aes Sedai acted as Governors for Hawkwing.

It was only when Ishamael showed up and started to poison Hawkwing's mind that the AS might have killed his wife and were up to no good that he declared war on Tar Valon.

That to me says that Hawkwing had mixed views on female channelers. Not to mention that if brought back by the Horn Hawkwing would have access to all his past lives memories.

He may harbour a certain coolness to the Aes Sedai but everyone said Hawkwing was hard but just so I suspect he would be horrifed by the idea of damane.
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