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Originally Posted by greatwolf View Post
Mat=Hawkwing? Hmmmm. But even if he isn't hawkwing reborn, he ought to have hawkwing's memories as one of the best commanders of all time. Why doesn't he? Or is it he just doesn't realize it?

That's off topic though, what I think is that Hawkwing didn't show much dislike of AS or support for damane or seanchan at Falme. He was "bound" to the horn and from what happened, to the Dragon as well.

I've always thought that event was part proof that LTT is bound to all three boys rather than just Rand. But it might just be that Suian was wrong about the horn and the HotH are bound to fight for the light irrespective of who blows the horn.
Mat has lots of memories of fighting Hawkwing, but none from Hawkwing. I think he noted this fact specifically at some point. However the Eelfinn gather memories, Hawkwing was not a participant.

Tuon also commented to Mat that finding the Horn Sounder is as important as finding the Dragon Reborn. She knows the horn was sounded at Falme and I assume it isn't too far fetched that she knows the tie between sounder and horn. I assumed that meant she wanted both the Horn Sounder and the Dragon Reborn serving under her; that she didn't intend to be the Horn Sounder.
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