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EOTW: Thom and the Fade in Whitebridge. And almost everything Agelmar Jagad says or does.
TGH: Barthanes' manor. The Shienarin soldiers. Nynaeve's testing
TDR: Group of thugs plus three Fades. Door bursts open. Blink. Three Fades back to back, thugs dead, two dead Aiel.
TSR: Alcair Dal. Nynaeve v Moghedien
TFOH: Morgase breaks compulsion.
LOC: The Wells.
ACOS: Toram Riatin fight.
TPOD: Long time since I read this one.
WH: Far Madding
COT: Loial and Karldin.
KOD: Band v Elbar.
TGS: Natrin's Barrow.
TOM: That Borderlands watchtower at the start. Close to my favourite moment in the series as a whole. Random borderlanders, non heroes. No channeling, no wolf senses, no luck, no ta'verenness. No DEM. They know they are going to die, and nothing can stop that. They've fought the Shadow their whole lives, and their reward is to be massacred as a footnote to the story, as a tower nobody really cares about. But they're still going to fight as best they can.
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