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Originally Posted by greatwolf View Post
But it might just be that Suian was wrong about the horn and the HotH are bound to fight for the light irrespective of who blows the horn.
I think they're bound to the Dragon, regardless of who blows the Horn and/or for which side. When Mat blew it, they showed up, but wouldn't do more than talk until the Dragon Banner was out for them to follow.

Some Randland beliefs have been proven wrong. Some AS certainties have been proven wrong. Why should it be absolutely true that the Heroes will fight for anyone who blows the Horn?

This also falls in line with any ideas of Mat blowing the Horn in a non-battle situation. Because that's exactly what happened - Mat blew the Horn, the Heroes showed up, and everyone had a nice chat until the Banner came out. Horn - Banner = Heroes - battle = potentially enlightening conversation.
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