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Originally Posted by GonzoTheGreat View Post
It depends on whether or not those oaths are One Power enhanced.
Do we have reason to believe that the oaths are enhanced by the One Power? And, whose Power would do the enhancing? Would it be (a) the Power of the person under oath, (b) the Power of the person/DO accepting the oath, or (c) the Power of a ter'angreal?

On that note, can non-channelers be bound by the WT's oath rod? The trickle of Spirit (or whatever) that is needed to make it work does not need to come from the person taking the oaths, right? If so, then a non-channeler would not have the same oath-escape option of stilling... or, could their oaths be released by stilling the person who did the channeling to power the oath rod?

Similarly, what about bonding? I assume that a Warder bond is severed when the AS is stilled, but what about a first-sister bond? If Elayne is stilled, would she still be bonded [bound?] to Aviendha? What about Min? If Elayne & Aviendha were both stilled, would Rand still be bonded to Min?

What about a first-sister bond between non-channelers? You couldn't break that bond by stilling the WO who laid the weave on them, could you? If you tie-off a weave, then release the Source, the weave stays tied, right? So, if you tie off a weave, then get stilled, that weave should still hold, right?

Or, what if...? Or...? Or....?!? Argh! Why does every question lead to so many more questions?!
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