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My names Mike, and ive been an avid fantasy reader for a good 2 years, not counting Harry Potter, which i started reading in second grade or so. I guess the first epic fantasy series was, to my knowledge, The Sword of Truth series, which, from what ive gathered, seems to be rather hated in the fantasy community. Dunno why. Everyone has opinions.

I started reading the Wheel of Time right after i finished SoT, and it has since become my all time favorite book series.

Some of the bigger series's ive read since then are A song of Ice and Fire, I think im up to book 20 in the Drizzt saga, The Crimson Shadow saga, The first two demonwars saga books, Inheritance cycle, WOK(Was absolutely amazing.will be reading mistborn soon), Lord of the Rings(preferred the hobbit), and one of my other favorites The Kingkiller Chronicles.

And ive started other random fantasy series's that i have been unable to finish due to not having the books at the moment. Saga of recluce, Prince of thorns, Lord of the Isles(this one just bored me before i was a hundred pages in), etc. I am disappointed to say that i havent read the Shannara books yet, though i will get around to it.

Finally, im currently reading the Malazan books. Nearly halfway through Gardens of the Moon and am starting to enjoy it quite a bit. I would love any and all suggestions you all might have. I have a list that i keep all of the books i want to read on, though i do tend to ignore it sometimes.

Im sorry for the rather loooooooooooooooooooooooooong intro. I only have one other friend that i can talk to about fantasy, and he's usually busy with college, so its nice to be able to say all this stuff.
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