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Question Seeking Research Material

Hey all! First time poster; long time lurker. I was hoping to tap your collective knowledge for a paper I'm writing.

As part of my English 102 course, I have chosen to focus my research project on the influences, recurring themes, and origins of contemporary fantasy literature with a specific look at The Wheel of Time. The most challenging aspect of my research is finding academic material to reference. For example Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces should prove very useful; Tolkien's essay "On Fairy-Stories" as well. Do you know of anything specific to WoT?

I have been reading The Wheel of Time for half my life, and now that it's finished it was the one thing that came to mind as I picked a subject for research. I find the character parallels particularly fascinating (e.g. Matrim vs. Odin). My proposal is available here, if that interests you at all.

Any journals, essays, books, or really anything credible you think might be useful for my research, I'd be very grateful. Thanks Theoryland!
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