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Default Hello Again?

I don't know if it is entirely appropriate for me to post this in the new users portion of this forum as I've had this account at least for 2 years, but I haven't logged in here in awhile, and have been away from most WoT fan sites since release until now as I just finished aMoL.

I had been hoping that there would still be some interesting discussions going on here or at Dragonmount, but it appears that activity on both sites is nowhere near what it used to be...

I guess that's mine own fault for waiting so long to read the last book, but I was soo trepedatious about finally finishing the series that I decided to do a complete re-read when aMoL came out even though I had finished my "re-read before aMoL comes out" in November...

And so I've come back to find Luckers seemingly black-listed from the WoT community(not my place to judge the rightness or wrongness of that so I'll leave that there) and many of the members of both boards whose posts I most enjoyed reading either very rarely posting, or gone completely...

So I guess I'm wondering what is the state of WoT fandom right now, and what have the veterans of this community moved onto? Is WoT still a large part of your lives, or have you transferred that zeal for this series to another one? Or have many of you moved on to something completely different than epic fantasy series, including WoT.

That said, Hello to all, and I hope to participate in some exciting discussions going forward, wherever they exist in regards to the WoT.
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