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Originally Posted by Terez View Post
I think Rand's dreams of Thom hint at a deleted scene somewhere, where Thom told him about Owyn in more detail. It would explain the Fisher King reference, the queen being wed to the land, and the mention of the Black Ajah when no one in the story had yet mentioned any of those things to Rand. (See ch. 33.) All those details are connected to Owyn, especially since the Black was mentioned in connection with the Red.
Interesting. I was wondering about the Black Ajah thing too. I think Elyas mentioned it, but Thom hadn't. Is the deleted scene just a theory of yours or something from the notes?

Not sure if this is a mistake or not, but when escaping from the Whitecloaks Perrin gets lost in the darkness and needs Lan to call him so he can find his way back from stealing a couple WC cloaks. What happened to his wolf eyes? It was already established that he could see unnaturally well at night in the initial WC attack.

One of the reasons Morgase believes Rand's story is that she's heard a Two Rivers accent before. She also mentions specifically that Bryne and Elaida weren't with her when this happened. Who did she hear? Since Kari's from Andor, and Tam's the only TR person we know of who left the TR, did Morgase meet Tam at some point? Or did one of those weirdos from Taren Ferry venture outside to Caemlyn?

It's interesting that three consecutive Rand PoV chapters all have similar names: "Web of the Pattern," "Weaving of the Web," and "The Web Tightens." Most of the chapters names seem to come from quotes, or at least major themes of the chapters, but these are more abstract (they're the chapters where Rand meets Loial, goes to see Logain, and meets Elayne). Is it just to build up to the significance of his meeting with characters like Elayne, Gawyn, Elaida, etc? Or at least Elaida's revelation that Rand's at the center of everything? (which, in hindsight, should have been a pretty big hint to Rand that he was the one the DO was after--assuming he believed Elaida).

Since Moiraine and co. were presumably traveling as fast as possible to Caemlyn (after rescuing Perrin) to reach Rand and Mat in time, how could the Whitecloaks have possibly beat them there, traveling cross-country, encumbered with all kinds of tents and stuff, and with 200 men? Unless they just sent a scout ahead or something...

Is it ever mentioned where the Trolloc army outside Caemlyn goes after everyone escapes through the Ways?

This is just kind of a stupid observation on my part, but how on earth did the Maidens and Jain Farstrider happen to stumble upon the exact same news in the Blight (same words and everything) seventeen years apart from each other? Was Ishamael having nightly "we'll blind the Eye of the World and slay the Great Serpent! Woo!" speeches in the Town every night for several decades?
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