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Do Draghkar destroy souls permanently, so you can't be reborn ever again? If not, what's the point of sucking out the souls? Unless someone happens to interrupt the soul sucking process, the Draghkar just kills you, in which case you probably wouldn't care if you still had a soul or not.

After the Draghkar is killed, Moiraine says she discovered the answer to a question she didn't know she had. What is it? I checked EWOT, but they seem to think it's that Fain=Mordeth. But Moiraine was clearly searching for something along those lines, both through books and questioning Vandene, so that doesn't make sense. Is it something to do with Liandrin, or the Black Ajah in general?

During Nynaeve's Accepted Test, we get what I think is the first mention of there being a Gray Ajah, outside of the glossary. It still isn't mentioned what their specific function is, though. Just thought this was kind of weird.

Ok, here's a mini-theory I thought of. I remember RJ said somewhere that Nynaeve's ability to channel in the Accepted ter'angreal was significant. After she gets out the first time she tells Sheriam she channeled inside, and Sheriam kind of freaks out. We get a brief history, which says that the first few AS to use the ter'angreal went in with various OP wards and came back burned out. Whatever really happened, the AS logically assume that entering the ter'angreal with OP wards will probably kill you.

Well anyway, since we now know that Sheriam was Black...did she put inverted wards around Nynaeve before they got in the testing room, hoping that Nynaeve would be killed? I don't remember if the AS knew about inverting, but a Forsaken could have shown her how.

A few more things about Nynaeve's test:

Why can she seemingly remember everything from the real world in the third test, but not in the other two?

How does she make the arch come back?

How does the ter'angreal work? Sheriam mentions mirror worlds. Does it just temporarily put you into a mirror world version of yourself (ie, Nynaeve is actually doing all these things in various mirror worlds)? This makes sense for the second and third test. The first one seems a little weird to be an alternate life for Nynaeve (getting chased through the maze by Aginor), but she can apparently sense saidin here, so maybe this particular mirror world is different enough that somehow she is being chased for possibly being the DR?

Whatever the case, I'm guessing the testing ter'angreal was originally intended to study mirror worlds.

Does Min's viewing of a severed hand for Elayne ever happen? Was it supposed to be connected to Rand's bloody hand and red (white?) hot iron?
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