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Originally Posted by Terez View Post
If so, it's a retcon explanation since I'm pretty sure RJ didn't come up with the gholam until LOC. Fain was always the obvious answer; the gholam theory was the search for another explanation.
Really? You mean I'm actually right about this? Awesome. Seriously though, I thought everyone just assumed it was the gholam...

The three Aiel Maidens in Tsofu are looking for Rand, right? Well, why don't they mention this when they see a guy "born of the Waste but raised in Randland" or whatever the prophecy was?

I brought up in the last post that the Black Wind could exit the Waygate in Cairhien while it couldn't back in Fal Dara. When Verin opens the one outside Tsofu, it doesn't appear to seep out this time either. Maybe it has to be Rand specifically who opens the Waygate for the BW to actually come out?

Can Fain still sense Mat and Perrin, or is it just Rand now? If he can still sense the others, why doesn't the Black Wind block Perrin from the Ways in tSR?

Verin seems to know a lot about Portal Stones. Is this just because she's Brown? And knowing about them is one thing, but how would she know about the one in the Waste (presumably the one outside Rhuidean)?

Verin also mentions that the Portal Stone on Toman Head is the only one she's visited (or the only one whose symbol she knows that she's also visited, at least). Is this significant? She mentions having trudged through the cold and snow of the Mountains of Mist and Almoth Plain to get there. Did she just randomly decide to go during the worst time possible several decades back? Or had she just visited it during the long winter we see in tEotW?

Ingtar seems very reluctant to go to Toman Head. Was he told to keep Rand away from there (and the Seanchan)? I'm guessing Ishamael would know about the prophecy saying Rand will proclaim himself there.

I find it funny that Verin bullies Rand into using the Portal Stone despite his protests of having no clue what he's doing, then she gets mad at him when he messes up.

Also (and I know I'm kind saying "Verin must have done it!" for everything, but whatever), is it possible Verin interfered with the Portal Stone, assuming she saw some sort of benefit in having it take them months to reach Toman Head?

When they're in the Ways, Egwene says that Moiraine mentioned the Black Wind can't be killed and only barely hurt. To which Liandrin replies, "If the Black Wind appears, I will deal with it. [...] Moiraine does not know as much as she thinks." Is she simply boasting, or lying since she's BA? Or does she really know how to harm or potentially kill the BW?

I know they mumble about it being "above" them, but do Renna and Alwhin and all of them seriously have no idea that Suroth is probably a DF for dealing with a marath'damane due to an even greater deal with a feared "master?" They overhear the whole conversation, including Liandrin telling Suroth to kill Seanchan patrols if necessary. I guess this stuff is kind of normal in the Seanchan culture, but still...

I forgot that a'dam are apparently still being created.
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