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Finished tGH. Yay.

When Ishamael appears in Rand's hotel room on Toman Head, is it real or a dream? The Dragon Banner remaining seemingly untouched makes it seem like a dream, but the chair is still burned from where Ishamael touched it. But if it was real, how did Ishamael get the Banner back in the saddlebag so quickly--literally in the blink of an eye?

I guess Min being forced to wear Seanchan clothes is foreshadowing of her eventual role with them in aMoL (sort of, I guess, maybe).

Min has a viewing that links Egwene with Galad. What is it? I'm probably forgetting something, but do they even really see each other again beyond a few times back in Tar Valon?

Min also sees a red-hot iron and an axe for Elayne, both apparently distant in the future. I guess the axe could be her confrontation with Perrin (though he doesn't have the axe anymore then, right?). Is the red-hot iron just the dildo ter'angreal she finds, or something else?

I'm probably over thinking this, but when Perrin, Mat, and Hurin are scouting the village where the WCs eventually show up, they leave heading west, implying that Ingtar's camp is west of that village. But when they get there, they say they followed Fain's trail almost all the way to Falme. And since Falme is the westernmost point of Toman Head, they would have had to ride by Ingtar's camp to get there.

Why does Verin tell Rand that the damane can sense his channeling? Is she just being super cautious incase the Seanchan have ter'angreal that can detect saidin, or does Verin know that channeling would attract Ishamael or something?

Are the Dragon soul and Ishamael soul just naturally good swordsmen? I know Rand practices a lot, but Lan says it would take 5 years at least to become a blademaster. Granted, Rand kind of cheats with the void, but he still seems better than he should. And Ishamael's a philosopher. Why would he know or care how to use a sword?

When trying to free Egwene, Nynaeve doesn't want to have Min play a sul'dam or damane because there's a slight chance someone might recognize her. But then she decides to use Seta, who has almost a 100% chance of being recognized.

tGH 45
Bayle Domon watched the rising sun from the deck of his ship. The docks were already beginning to bustle, though the streets leading up from the harbor stood largely empty. A gull perched on a piling stared at him; gulls had pitiless eyes.
Are seagulls the DO's eyes?

Fain gets what he wants from all this--chaos--right? Why does he just flee Falme without any attempt at killing Rand whatsoever?

I always felt one of the funnier scenes in the series is when Mat casually tosses the Horn of Valere over a wall before climbing over after it. And Ingtar's stunned look.

Artur Hawkwing says, "We have come to the Horn, but we must follow the banner. And the Dragon." Does this imply that the HotH will only follow the Dragon, even if a DF had blown the Horn? Or is it only because Rand is right there that they have to follow him?

A lot of stuff confuses me about the battle at Falme. It's like RJ asked a high Steven Erikson to write it for him. Is there any actual reason why blowing the Horn transports everyone around it into another plane of existence or...something? How do Rand and Ishamael appear in the sky? Are they really there, or is just a projection, it all just "magic?"

Also, why are the Heroes tied to Rand's success or failure? If he tripped and fell right away, the HotH would have turned into incompetent morons that had their asses kicked by the Seanchan?

And...why does Ishamael have a sword fight with Rand? Why not just use the OP or TP?

Does the sword form "The Kingfisher Takes a Silverback" refer to a bird attacking a gorilla?

How does Ishamael know about Egwene and Nynaeve's importance to Rand? Just from spying on him enough?

When Ishamael stabs Rand in the side, is he actually trying to kill Rand? You'd think he could have done a better job if so...

Not that I doubt Min, but... how does she drag 250+ pounds of dead weight across a garden, up a set of stairs, down a hallway, across a bedroom, and onto a bed? And "with only a little hard breathing" too.

When Moiraine finally appears right before the credits roll, she says "I have been doing what I could, here on Toman Head and in Falme." She mentions trying to save the two AS damane, and I guess she found the two Seals. But what did she do on Toman Head?

Moiraine also says this is the first time the Black Ajah has revealed itself in 2000 years, apparently forgetting her own battle with the BA 20 years earlier.

Why is the word "kith" in the glossary? I mean, it's a real word...

I also skimmed a few pronunciations in the glossary. Did RJ just make these up as he went, with no rhyme or reason? Fain, Dain, and Taim are all pronounced completely differently. I know they're from different nations, but still...

Oh and one random thing I thought of. LTT is said to have killed "every living person who carried any of his blood, as well as everyone he loved." Did his weave search these people out all across the world to kill them? Or did they all happen to be at a barbecue at his house when he snapped and killed them all?
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