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There's more affirmation in Niall's prologue that the Aiel have never left the Waste before, aside from the Aiel War. I guess no one realizes they raid Shienar regularly?

Niall knows the Sea Folk are all going crazy, but he doesn't have a clue why. Yet Anaiya knows they're looking for their Chosen One months earlier at the beginning of tGH. Niall should be better informed. Or he just doesn't care.

One random thing I just thought the Randlanders think the world is flat? It's mentioned a couple times that they doubt there's anything across the Aryth Ocean, but if they know the world is round they'd know you'd at least hit all the stuff east of the Waste.

Why does Niall want Almoth Plain, which is in the middle of a bunch of wars, vs any other random plot of land? It looks like much more than 50% of Randland is unclaimed by any nation, yet Niall picks the one place that two other nations are already fighting over.

Not sure where the prologue falls in relation to the opening chapters on the timeline, but it's mentioned that Fain arrived in Amadicia a month before Byar. He must have used the Ways, I guess?

Also, FWIW, the opening 4, 5, 6 chapters or so are pretty boring. Even the obligatory Trolloc attack feels kind of half-hearted.

How does Moiraine get all these random women (Blue eyes and ears?) to come to her?

Ok, so there's a bunch of cool stuff in Perrin's dream in chapter 4. A lot of foreshadowing for him and Lanfear in aMoL.

Before that, though...what does Perrin's lion helmet (and all the armor) symbolize? It seems to just stand for the glory Lanfear wants him to take. If that's right, does the lion have nothing to do with Andor at all?

Also, what's the drink Ishamael and Lanfear keep offering Perrin? Ishamael tries to feed to Rand in tEotW too. Is it just a lame way to trick them into turning to the darkside? It's kind of cheesy when they're genuinely upset when no one drinks it.

Why do the Forsaken like to meet in the Ways in TAR? They wouldn't have been around when they were still free. Is it always Ishamael that does it? It's also weird that the TAR Ways seem to be at their peak of beauty in tEotW, but now Perrin finds them "dim," even for his eyes, though it's obviously not as dark as the actual Ways.

All right, so, the foreshadowy stuff:

1) There are several references to Perrin using "both hands" for something. First, Lanfear says, "A man should grasp his destiny with both hands." A few lines later Perrin thinks he could encircle Lanfear's waist with his hands. Both of which would seem to foreshadow Perrin ultimately using both hands to snap her neck.

2) It seems as though Lanfear uses compulsion on Perrin in the dream (Maybe, at least. It doesn't seem very strong). He starts agreeing with her about his thirst for glory until the wolves start babbling in his head:
tDR 4
"Yes," he whispered. Inside him, startlement fought with acceptance. He had no use for glory. But when she said it, he wanted nothing else. "I mean..." The murmuring sound dug at his skull. "No!" It was gone, and for a moment, so was acceptance. Almost. He put a hand to his head, touched the golden helmet, took it off. "I...I don't think I want this. It is not mine."

3) In a brief fantasy about glory and the Horn, Perrin thinks this:
tDR 4
"I don't," he said, though a piece of him shouted that he lied. The Horn of Valere. The Horn rang out, and the wild charge began. Death rode at his shoulder, and yet she waited ahead, too. His lover. His destroyer. "No! I am a blacksmith."
Assuming the "she" refers to Lanfear (and not death), it's a foreshadowing of aMoL and also reference to the Dark Prophecy from tGH.

4) Lanfear leaves by saying, "I will always be in your dreams." I guess this is foreshadowing, sort of, but my question is: is she always in Perrin's dreams? I forget, to they really even interact with each other again until aMoL? Are we to assume she's been watching him in TAR all that time? This may have been answered in aMoL, but if so I forgot.
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