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Default Brandon update

I spent some time with Harriet and Team Jordan last month during a visit to Charleston for a writing conference. There were two things I wanted to clear up for you all.
The first is regarding the film rights to the Wheel of Time. A lot of people have been asking, and while I'm no longer the steward of Randland as I once was, I'm at least steward emeritus. So I try to look out for you all when I can.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get very much for you. As you probably know, a pilot of a Wheel of Time television show was released in February. This was what they call in the industry an "Ashcan." It was a quick exploitation of the rights to a property before those rights lapse, an act usually done because a contract includes a stipulation allowing a production company to maintain control of a property as long as they release something on television or in the theaters every five years or so.
The producers call this a "proof of concept" that a television show could work. Team Jordan calls this a violation of the contract. Both ended up suing each other, and both dropped the lawsuits this summer.
Well, the official word from Team Jordan is that "Negotiations are ongoing." Nothing is settled, they've just moved their discussions out of court.
In more interesting news, I asked if there was ever going to be a time when I could reveal things from the books that are unresolved. (Nakomi is the big one, but there are a few secrets that the fans haven't figured out yet.)
The word from Team Jordan was that they can foresee a time when these things could be revealed, though that time is not now. (Or soon.) I don't have to take the secret to my grave, then.
There was also interest in someday doing a re-integrated ebook of the last three books, where I weave the chapters back the way they were originally planned (eliminating things like the timeline confusion in Towers.) I think a special edition 2000+ page version of A Memory of Light would be a cool project.

Apparently we may get a Nakomi revelation someday. Hmm.
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