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Default Hypotheses on the Unknown Talents?

A question for all of you:

Yesterday I asked Terez and Linda Sedai if they had any further information on some Lost/Unknown Talents, and I was a bit disappointed to find out that there appears to be no further detail in RJ’s notes about these three mystery Talents: Milking Tears, Spinning Earthfire, and the Voice/Singing. (Thanks to Linda by the way for the response on this)

Many regulars on Theoryland have likely been around the WOT fandom for some time, have reflected on the minutia of WOT knowledge, and have some sense of what the One Power can do, so I assume you would be the right people to ask these two questions:

First, What hypotheses have you seen about what the three Talents mentioned above could do? For example, I have seen Milking Tears hypothesized before as being a way to provoke emotions using channeling (though not exactly in the sense of Compulsion – maybe Moiraine’s Blue Ajah Fear weave used in Kandor in NS could be related to this?), and Spinning Earthfire as working with lava or magma in order to accomplish certain tasks, though what I am not sure what tasks those might be.

Second, do you have any other thoughts about what these Talents might entail?

I know we are mostly relying on just their names and a couple phrases here or there in the series and the Companion, but I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. And this is probably the place to ask!
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