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Default American Gods - on Starz

It's been years since I read this story, and I really tried to give the show a chance.

I sat through the Anansi coming to America story and told myself that they understood that slaves sacrificing themselves to Anansi rather than overtaking the ship and trying to make their way home was a god taking advantage of their naivety rather then a reasonable sacrifice to a beneficial god.

I don't care about changes to the narrative - hell, it's been long enough since a read the book that I don't recognize changes to the story.

I certainly had no problem with djinn/cabbie sex scene. (I mention it because I hear that it was an issue.)

And then I watched the last episode... Which started with apparently modern Mexicans being gunned down as they crossed the Rio Grande in sacrifice to "Mexican Jesus." Er? No one is going to be summarily shot as they try to cross into the country. Does anyone seriously believe this? And think that any person that arbitrarily gunned down people (including children) coming across the river would not be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? Right. "Liberal Wet Dream #1"

I groused, calmed down and continued to watch - and then we got to Vulcan. (Liberal Wet Dream #2) Who apparently had managed to cultivate a Nazi town in middle America. And I winced. And then I watched this "gun toting" apparently gun savvy people fire all of their guns in the air, in a completely NRA unapproved maneuver, not caring where the bullets might land. Oh, and, of course, they were painted to be complete white supremacists in a way where no town in the US would possibly exist.

And. Here's how fucking inured to Hollywood's liberal bias I am - had these happened in separate episodes, I'd have rolled my eyes (and called my Dad to say "seriously, people think that there is a possibility of illegal immigrants being indiscriminately shot down on the Rio Grande!") and let it go because "gods" make everything bigger. The gun control bullshit would have probably not even have crossed my radar because it is so damn common. The only reason that I noticed enough to even comment on it is that they were audacious enough to put in them in the same episode.

Again, I don't remember Gaiman's American Gods well enough to throw "they are fucking up the adaptation" stones - but I don't remember ever feeling like the author hated a subset of the American people - and that's what this episode said to me.

I remember American Gods as a celebration of the diversity of this country - in both worship and basic beliefs - i find it sad that the adaptation couldn't find the heart to follow that lead.
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