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Default Dark Tower Movie

I'd have put this under the Non- WOT books section, but it's about the movie. Kinda? All spoilers below are based on the books. I have no movie spoilers other than the first one released that doesn't make any sense as a spoiler unless you know the books anyway.

First, I adore the book series, have not problem with
King putting himself into the series
and think that
the revolving door aspect of the end was perfect.

Given all of that, I think that the fact that they've said that the movie is a
sequel to the book series, rather than an adaptation
is brilliant.

I fully expect that much of the storyline is going to change based on the above - but I want the characters to still be the same people that I already love.

For instance
I don't expect Roland to sacrifice Jake for the Tower - if he did, I couldn't accept the presumable end of cycle. If Roland hasn't learned enough to not proactively allow Jake to die, he hasn't earned an end. However, the idea that Roland has given up on his tower quest entirely makes him an entirely different character. And not a good one. He knows that the fall of the tower means the doom of multiple worlds. I worry that the creators of the movie don't understand the difference between "I won't sacrifice another for the common good" and "I won't sacrifice myself for the common good" One of them is human (and has the part that Roland lacked the last time around) and the other is a coward.

I'd love to think that they plan to
have Jake sacrifice himself at the end of the first movie - the easiest way to move Roland into "give up almost, but not actually, everything needed to get to the tower" mode that he would need to be in for me to except his move forward. Or, perhaps they will totally surprise, and possibly delight, me, by having the end of the movie series also be an iteration of Roland's cycle rather than the end.

I guess I'm scared that they will do one of two things - they'll water down Roland's character enough that I don't believe it's him or they will keep enough of his characterization that I don't believe that he will have earned the right to move on.

I wish I knew which one scared me more - I expect at the end of the first movie, I'll have an idea.

Yeah. That's mostly spoiler text. But really, if you want to watch the series, I'd suggest reading the books anyway. (Really, it's not like we can't handle long series. And this one's already done.)
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