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Originally Posted by Eclipse
I was the reason we kept talking about Asmodean LOL

i take great pleasure in bringing the topic up, and even though Jordan directly denied Fain, he's still the most probable and logical

i'm still dubious about any conclusions to Mat Pawn (as gigante as that topic should be), but i'm borderline depressed about my TAR Pocket theory. i can't imagine Jordan took even a second of his precious time left to tell sanderson about it. it would seem trivial compared to everything left needing to be explained and fleshed out.

but here's my chance. if i get a shot at a question (if my BAT even lets me go and attend for that matter) for sanderson, i'll let majority (of us hcff that is) decide if they'd rather know more about Mat Pawn, or the TAR Pocket. i find both theories to be rather brilliant... , but i'm a democratic individual, and personally, one's as good as the other.

for the rest of us attending (fingers crossed), expect some more Asmodean jousting.
TAR pocket is brilliant. The other? not so much. lol.
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Mazrim Taim drew the eye. He was tall, with a strongly hooked nose and an air of physical strength about him. An air of darkness, too. He sat there with his ankles crossed and one arm hanging over the heavy arm of the throne, yet he seemed ready to explode into violence. Interestingly, though his black coat was embroidered with blue-and-gold dragons that twined around the sleeves from elbows to cuffs, he did not wear the collar pins.
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