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Originally Posted by Tamyrlin
That we as readers must accept that as we read we are witnessing him going insane. Plus, I paraphrased what I remember of the questions and answer (stupid computer wasn't recording). It would require additional questions to get clarification.
Yes that what I thought he said, but does that mean he is still in the process of going insane or not? With what BS said, all we can rule out is that Rand suddenly went mad. When or if he is already insane cannot be ascertained from this.

I think most people accept that Rand has serious mental issues. That's realistic, he wouldn't be human if he wasn't under severe psychological strain right now.

But anything that claims that Rand is so far gone into a psychiatric illness that conjures up a voice for his actions, especially as far back as TSH (where LT speaks for the first time) or EotW (where Rand channels for the first time and first gets directions from a voice) is flat out being unrealistic. And the WoT is one of the most (if not the most) realistic fantasy series ever.
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