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Originally Posted by SauceyBlueConfetti

Maybe we need a list of characters with "ends to tie up". I am sure it would make Felix happy, he could add Valan Luca to the list
Here is what I've come up with so far. I wasn't sure where to put it so if someone wants to move it or improve it that's cool. It's not comprehensive. New additions welcome!

Major Plot Lines


The rescue of Moiraine
Mat uses firearms in battle
Confronts the *Finns
New marriage
Mat's eye and the world
Verin's letter

Black Tower:

Battle at the Black Tower
More general conflicts in Andor?
Egwene confronts Rand
What is Taim and how did he get that way?


Perrin and his new nobility/broken crown
Perrin and the "song"


Rand's relationship with the Seanchan
Deals with the Sea Folk
What do the Borderlanders want in Far Madding?

White Tower/Egwene

Another rescue for Egwene
Egwene works with a Seanchan woman

Last Battle:

Rand goes to Shayol Ghul
The three ta'varen
Breaking the seals
Wolves and the Last Hunt
Rand's women sit with "dead" Rand
Logain's glory
Lan's army
Padan Fain
What is Moridin doing up in the Blight?
Ituralde's Army
Binding the nine moons/Crystal Throne issue
Reblowing the Horn of Valere
North/East, West/South as one
Rand's blood on rocks
Twice dawns the day
Role of Callandor

Lesser But Still Interesting Plot Points:


Was Graendal really balefired?
Who killed Asmodean?
Mindtraps for Moghedian and Cyndane
Who is Mesaana posing as?
Where is Demandred?
Will Halima return?
Moridin's nihilism, etc.


Thom's knives


Seven towers/baby with sword
"Sharina Sedai"


Gawyn's sigil on green, not red field
Will Egwene bond Gawyn?


Avi returns to the Waste
Elayne has twins
Avi has four strange babies
Elayne bathes and picks out dresses
Elayne and Avi work with ter'angreal
Rand's bond with Alanna
Rand merges with other man/bond with Moridin?
Alivia helps Rand die
Rand and the True Power

Aes Sedai/White Tower:

Verin's Revelations/Letters/Notes
Carlinya's raven tattoo
Faolain's great life
Missing Aes Sedai at Black Tower
Guardians balance the servants
Where is Alviarin?
Will we see Elaida again?

Misc. Characters (including characters who will likely play an unknown role later on):

Berelain falls in love with man in white
Morgase/Galad reunion onscreen
Will Gaidal Cain make an appearance?
Something dark about Bashere
Sebban Balwer
Shaidar Haran
Siuan and Gareth get married?
Leane is still around
Noal Charin
Valan Luca
Egeanin and Bayle
Juilin and Thera
Cadsuane teaches Rand and "all the Asha'man"
Ogier from both continents meet
Narishma "follows after"

Misc. general:

Shaido return to the Waste
Aiel will be a remnant of a remnant
Tinker song
Dealing with Seanchan ideas about channeling

ETA: The strange clouds and "gathering storm"