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Nei is an unknown quantity at this point

There were some parts that caught my eye actually.

"...Robert Jordan said in an interview or maybe it was actually in the books, when you make a gateway with the True Power you are actually ripping a whole in the Pattern and going somewhere else..."
Isn't this actually how men Travel? I seem to remember at one point, Rand explains his technique of Travelling to Egwene where he says that he bores a hole from one end of the Pattern to another so that there's no distance between.
'...let’s just say I have not said that Lanfear and Cyndane are the same person…'
This actually sort of tips it for me towards an old theory I'd been pondering over for some time now. That something 'went wrong' with Lanfear and Moiraine when they went through the archway and now Lanfear and Moiraine have been 'muddled' - hence Cyndane being short like Moiraine and not as strong.