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Default A list of spelling errors in ToM

Does anyone have any others? (This is the US edition page numbers)

Use a Pebble, Page 217 - Her food sank through the shattered paving stone and hit packed earth. / should read foot sank?

Partings, and a Meeting, Page 244 - He was tempted to peek under the oiled tarp that stretched over the back of. / odd expression. was this intended?

Partings, and a Meeting, Page 246 - Did they have to throw around such words that like they were wooden pennies? / odd expression. was this intended?

Partings, and a Meeting, Page 256 - Egwene Sedai has spoken of letting the Kin continue, but if we do, would be we be able to work the One Power openly? / would we be able?

The Strength of this Place, Page 269 - Aes Sedai had Healed him as best he could, and he walked on a peg.

The End of a Ledgend, Page 349 - It felt like not knowing if you had the right antidote until after the snake's teeth were already clamped down on your arm. / snakes usually have fangs if they are poisonous

Into the Void, Page 492 - Fortunately, though, the thing hadn't seemed to consider woman who could channel to be a threat. / women

Into the Void, Page 493 - It was still better than what Mat had been able to with; / come up with

A Storm of Light, Page 495 - They mistook him. All he cared about now was doing as much damage to them as possible. So, he used their assumptions against him. / against them

A Storm of Light, Page 501 - He raised it, and as he'd guessed, the building was on enough of a rise to look out over the city wall and onto the killing field outside and the beyond. / and beyond

A Good Soup, Page 515 - The bellfounders in Caemlyn had been working for straight through the nights, from what he'd heard.

Judgement, Page 528 - None of the would probably look at their weapons again the same way, but the wounded had been Healed and the channelers were rested. / None of them

A Backhanded Request, Page 663 - Anyway, Caemlyn is already is buzzing with news of your arrival.

A Reunion, Page 667 - True. But you must to find a way to take the Sun Throne without letting it look as if Andor...

Gateways, Page 783 - This place doesn't makes sense.

Gateways, Page 783 - Thom got out a torch of his own and both lit from Noal's lantern. / This one is definately moot I suppose. "Both" may need qualification at this point.

Gateways, Page 787 - The figure was willowy and tall, the shoulders disproportionately wide for the waist, and it wore pale leather straps crossed the chest. / "that crossed the chest" or "across the chest"

Something Wrong, Page 819 - Packs of black-coated man stood, with arms folded, watching him.

A Rabbit for Supper, Page 822 - Mat been traveling with a legend all this time?

A Rabbit for Supper, Page 823 - She been to high-and-mighty for that, had she not?

A Rabbit for Supper, Page 824 - Yes, she was still Moiraine. Quick with a moral and advice.

A Rabbit for Supper, Page 827 - Thom, didn't you once tell me once that the two most painful places for you to be were...

And After, Page 839 - The other Borderlands would couldn't have fallen, could they?