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Default Aes Sedai and male channelers

I have a lot against the Aess sedai but this is at the top of my list of grouses.

The Aes Sedai know that the dragon reborn is going to be male and a channeler. Consequently their main duty should have been
  • To find ways to heal the madness caused by the taint.
  • At least find a way to contain the madness so that the men won't go totally berserk and do some real damage
They had 3000 years to find an answer to the madness-rand found it in about a year, they have the best library in the world, they have scholarly force in the brown Ajah.

Instead what they do is silly. They have a red ajah who's sole purpose is to hunt the male channelers and gentle them. What if they accidentally gentled the Dragon reborn? What would happen to the world if he is thus gentled? didn't they ever think of that.

Am I right in thinking that the Aes Sedai are really selfish and stupid?
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