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Rand didn't find the cure for madness, he just found a way to stop it. Nynaeve found the cure. But yeah I agree. The AS were so set in their ways that they were essentially machines, no imagination when it came to using the OP differently. They weren't willing to push and prod the boundaries of what was considered safe when using the power. For example, they never studied compulsion because they were afraid of sisters using it for devious means. You don't have to be a DF to covet power and such, and one could argue that since it didn't really do any direct, physical harm, it wasn't a weapon and so on. Nynaeve, on the other, threw custom out the window habitually and had a few opportunities to study compulsion.

And when she finally had enough of that ashy going on about fades and delved deep inside his head, what did she finally find? That the taint madness was very similar to compulsion in the way it wrapped itself around ones brain. And just like she did with that one guy, though failing, to a degree it being her first time, she did with that ashy, being careful not to make the same mistakes.

So yeah, after eons do things a certain, the AS stopped learning new things and stopped progressing when it came to the power until the super girls came and shook everything up. Once they did that, things started picking up and the other younger AS took after them. Like re-discovering how to make cuendillar(I can't remember, but wasn't some random novice or accepted that discovered that instead of one of the super girls?)

So if the AS had just taken more chances, who knows where they would be today? Hell they might have discovered how to cure death! Remember even RJ himself once said the OP couldn't cure madness, well, we all know even what was once considered canon isn't always fact set in stone. So who knows what's possible with the power?
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