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If you have been taught that this is the way to do something and actively discoraged from experimentation both with the power and objects of the power..

You can forgive the Tower Aes Sedai from not discovering all that they might; remember even the greatest of the Aes Sedai spent 10 years in the tower being indoctrinated to think and act in a cetain way.

It comes no surprise that recruits who have spent barely any time in the tower and muddle through on their own are far more flexible to attempting new things.

Even the research into men's channeling in the trolloc wars (they found even whilst asleep a man could be maintained in a circle) was only an attempt to have larger circles of saidier; whist the man was sleeping. A true circle in the AoL would be more 50/50 but I'll wager they made no attempt to utilise saidien... just used more saidier.
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