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Then it seems the AS, for all their posturing and sermonizing others are totally gullible and pliable.

The BA manipulating them into not finding the cure for madness due to taint is an excuse and lame at that.

They forgot their primary duty. They were so wrapped up in their own awesomeness that they failed the world. What did they achieve all these millennia? practically nothing. As an example, if somebody wanted a cure for an incurable disease, they have to go all the way to Tar Valon. Ah! If you are a king or a queen, then you have your own personal pet AS like Elaida, Annnoura etc etc. Why didn't they set up healing centres all over the land? as for the Green Ajah! they are never where they are needed, the borderlands. In fact the borderlands are left to defend for themselves.

If they couldn't realize that they are being manipulated by BA, then they are even more incompetent than I thought.
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