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Originally Posted by Davian93 View Post
My thought process on this is that the Green Ajah considered itself the nuclear weapons of Randland and they held themselves in reserve for another Trolloc Wars type of event. They probably looked at the situation as a type of risk assessment where the Borderland nations were capable of handling the average Myrdraal/Trolloc raids without OP assistance so it was smarter to just save their numbers for the inevitable Last Battle/next Trollocs Wars event. If you'll recall, the Amyrlin was going to seen a massive AS/Warder led task force to save Malkier but they arrived too clearly there was a process in place for such emergencies even if it was too late in that particular scenario....a scenario that almost certainly occurred as a result of the Wheel needing Lan to become Moiraine's warder so she could find Rand in the TR and help him become the Dragon Reborn. Thus, the Wheel basically fvcked over the best laid plans of the WT in that scenario all so the crown prince of Malkier could become a warder instead.
What use is a large nuclear force if they are not stationed where they are required. The large force to save Malkier was late in arriving. The point is, when they know the Trollocs would be attacking near the blight boarder, why don't they have a large force of Greens and their warders readily available where the trollocs are sure to attack.
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