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Question Dinosaurs: Shadowspawn of a long forgotten age

I wrote up a theory and submitted it last weekend, but haven't seen anything appear. Not sure if I didn't follow the steps correctly.

Without having the submitted text (can't find a way to check my theory's status) I can only give you a brief rundown of what I typed.

Basically it all boils down to RJ admitting that the WoT series takes place in our world, and is both our future and past. I cite a few references here, Merk and Mosk, Lenn and the moon. I cited the interview in which he said the name of his world was Earth, and a different one telling that it was our past and future.

So with that in mind, where would dinosaurs fit into RJ's big picture of the wheel of time? They had to come from somewhere, and since the current shadowspawn were all created by Aginor (or a byproduct of his creations) after a long period in which the world forgot about the dark one, is it not plausible that dinosaurs were the shadowspawn of an age before ours, when we knew of the dark one?

Thoughts on this? For those who might think that i'm over-analyzing, RJ placed a lot of references to our world, and liked to link the ages together. Wouldn't he have thought about where dinosaurs fit into it?
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