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If I'm not mistaken the Heroes summoned by the Horn have to follow the person who blew the horn. Now most of the forsaken are power hungry monsters thought some went over simply because they wanted either revenge, the ability to carry out experemens etc. In Lanfear's case we have early LTT's remark via Rand in Tear when he said "and you loved power."

I don't think that its much of a stretch for Lanfear to have two strings to her bow. First the horn is an object of power, not say as great as the CK but still it gives the wielder power and she is all for that.

Secondly it was a way to temp Rand. I suspect that the only reason she did not outright seize the Horn was that while it would have given her a gain it would have messed with her bigger plan of bringing Rand over to her faction of the Shadow and she was prepared to hold back her lust for power and the horn if it meant she had a chance at the bigger prize of a dragon reborn turned to the shadow and loyal to her.
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