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When Ingtar and co. meet Urien, he says Verin's agelessness reminds him of the Wise Ones. Is this just a mistake? WOs don't get that without the Oath Rod, right?

This is possibly just coincidence, but since Galldrian's symbol is a stag, does the Stag and Lion in Baerlon refer to Cairhien and Andor?

How did Fain get the Trollocs into Cairhien and all the way to Barthanes' house without anyone seeing them? In the back of a cart or something?

A question about Perrin's eyes...Moiraine seems to know what's up right away after rescuing him in tEotW, and Elyas and his condition seem fairly well-known. So do most AS know that yellow eyes means a wolfbrother? Is it probably safe to assume that Verin, at least, knows?

When talking about the Choedan Kal, Verin says one channeler alone couldn't use one to Break the World again. How does she know this? It's false, apparently, as Rand seems pretty capable of blowing up the world at the end of tGS.

A few sentences later Verin also says that Logain isn't strong enough to channel the Choedan Kal. Regardless of whether or not this is true (he's pretty strong, right?), how would Verin have any way of knowing Logain's strength in the OP?

The Waygate leaf works differently in this book (and maybe the others after, I'm not sure). In tEotW, Moiraine has to pull the leaf off and stick it somewhere else. But now all Rand does is take the leaf and the gates start to open.

Why can the Black Wind escape now when it seemingly couldn't in tEotW?

I guess it's just Rand being a ta'veren, but it's a little odd that Barthanes more or less admits that he's a DF when giving Rand Fain's message.

Everyone's shocked that Fain can somehow control the Black Wind, despite the fact that Moiraine told them this in tEotW. Or they knew the Black Wind feared him, at least.

Did Galldrian really try to kill Thom? And with a guy that everyone apparently knows (for some reason) is Galldrian's assassin. I know there's the Great Game and all that, but it seems a bit odd. I guess my point is, did someone try to trick Thom into assassinating Galldrian? Maybe Verin wanted to create chaos in the DR's wake? Maybe Toram Riatin was around and wanted to off his brother (father? cousin? uncle?). Or maybe the innkeeper Zera lied about the whole thing because she doesn't like the king...

I don't remember if this is answered later, but what happens to the DFs and Trollocs Fain brings with him to Toman Head? It seems like he plans on having them attack Falme and making it seem like Rand's doing, but when Rand doesn't show up... Where do they go?

If Fain had the Black Wind blocking the Waygates, how did expect Rand to follow him? Did he see the Portal Stone in Kinslayer's Dagger and assume Rand must have used it to get ahead of him?

Why does Turak believe in Trollocs when Tuon and everyone else from Seanchan doesn't?

And finally...who killed Barthanes? Was it really just the gholam, as everyone seems to assume? My thought was that it could have been Fain:

1) Barthanes is said to have been "torn to pieces," not ripped limb from limb. There might not be a huge distinction between the two, but:

2) From what Zera describes, the attack is similar to what Fain had the Trollocs do to the villagers back in chapter 11. He has the Trollocs eat everyone and leave whatever's left in a pile with the heads placed "neatly" on top. And Barthanes' head was on a spike over the fireplace (because everyone has a spike for severed heads on their mantle...).

3) When Rand, Hurin, and Loial are climbing back out of the fenced-in Waygate area, this happens:
tGH 33
Rand landed on his feet with a thud, listening and peering into the night. For a moment he thought he saw something move, heard a boot scrape on the brick wall, but neither was repeated, and he dismissed it as nervousness. He thought that he had a right to be nervous. He turned to help Hurin down.
My overall thought was that Fain left a Trolloc or two behind to kill Barthanes (not sure why--maybe because he's a DF, and seemingly living the easy life in a manor house instead of being turned into a hound like Fain). Obviously there are problems with this idea, such as Trollocs being somewhat poor stealthy assassins. Also, Hurin would have probably sniffed them. But it's a decent alternative to the "the gholam did it" theory.

Also, assuming Rand wasn't hearing Trollocs hiding in the gardens behind Barthanes' house, who or what did he hear hiding back there?
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