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Originally Posted by suttree View Post
Yes because she hasn't spent anytime carefully studying him in the interim and noticing exactly what has been going on?

She calls out the voices to him early on and then notices him having conversations with himself but doesn't piece it together? Are you joking?
And is it completely impossible, from Cadsuane's perspective, that Rand might have chosen to fill himself to the brim with saidin? That it wasn't the result of a voice?

And this line of reasoning is irrelevant anyway. Whether Rand is acting on impulses from a voice or acting under his own free will, antagonizing him is a good way to push him over the edge.

In addendum to Fionwe's post. Suppose I grant that Cadsuane mentioned the bond specifically to make Rand aware of his connection to Min, what is the point of prefacing that exchange with antagonistic comments? "Don't toy with me, girl. You know the price of that!"

Why not say "what does he feel, Min. I know he's bonded you so you needn't hide it?" The same information without the hostility. That would have been subtle.

My answer is that Cadsuane's primary concern is establishing dominance. And - just so we're clear - that is not something I hold against the seires. I think Cads was meant to fail.

Following up to your point, Suttree. A lightning strike once set me about the task of fixing the damage to my backyard. That doesn't mean I'm grateful for the strike. When Rand says that Cadsuane set him about fixing the problem, he is not giving her credit for it. He later says to her "you tried to manipulate me and you failed." Rand is only explaining to Egwene how the change happened. He's not saying he owes Cadsuane for it.