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So you bring the issue up and then continue to argue the point for a series of posts and when it is shown without a doubt that you had the details wron....errr "forgot" about the net it becomes irrelevant. Got it.

Originally Posted by Garak View Post
My answer is that Cadsuane's primary concern is establishing dominance.
Her primary concern is saving the world, she could care less about establishing dominance. The truth is plain to see in her dealings with people and the varied approach she takes. True she does not suffer fools and demands respect(which she has earned many times over, it has been over 270 years since she took on a task she couldn't accomplish). She judges people on their merits not position or power. Additionally you say she cares for no one and is a psychopath. Care to explain then how she is the single AS who has developed a post care method for gentling male channelers in which:
one and all, they made much better adjustments to their fate than is considered normal. They eventually died short of a normal span, but they lived considerably longer than usual.
Simple answer, contrary to your claims, she cares about them and works to ensure they survive.

Originally Posted by Garak View Post
Following up to your point, Suttree. A lightning strike once set me about the task of fixing the damage to my backyard. That doesn't mean I'm grateful for the strike. When Rand says that Cadsuane set him about fixing the problem, he is not giving her credit for it. He later says to her "you tried to manipulate me and you failed." Rand is only explaining to Egwene how the change happened. He's not saying he owes Cadsuane for it.
Which ignores her role in the transformation and all that she did for him throughout the series. She was integral to him even making it to the LB alive and allowing the taint to be cleansed in addition to being spot on in her diagnosis and approach(which both Moiraine and the WO's agreed with). She trusted him and backed him to the hilt when she knew he was right.

Edit: As for your points they have been adequately addressed by others so there really is no need to pile on more comments. Here is just one along those lines:
Trying to raise Rand's defensive nature regarding Min serves the following purpose: it forces Rand to focus on something that is inarguably a part of himself. Which makes it easier for him to ignore the thing that's trying to kill him: the voice.
Hmm wonder how an antagonistic comment towards Min would serve that purpose? More so if you read the scene in it's entirety you see the tactic worked. You seem to have a flawed interpretation of the character and her actions. Again read the link, you might find it to be an interesting breakdown of her approach.
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