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Originally Posted by yks 6nnetu hing View Post
well... to be fair, I did *get* that the back-and-forward was supposed to be joke-y. The problem is though, the jokes were bad (and not in a good way where you snort in your coffee and blush at the same time for finding it funny. Because you shouldn't. Because it's BAD), they were just... a back-and-forth exchange of inside jokes.

me, I'm happy to have all sorts of things out in the open, and it would be hypocritical of me to deny you two your bromance, seeing as I've engaged in similar or worse in my past (ahem. would like to forget those tickle threads happened... but they did). it's just a bit toomuch if you expect others to participate and find your inside jokes funny. For that sort of thing, Facebook is an excellent medium. ETA: and then, when it's actually funny, Failbook

It's not that I generally disapprove of you, btw, although that made me smile. But we have certain cultures in certain fora, and would prefer that we recognize that it's for a reason.
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