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Default I have have the same thought..

Originally Posted by Jalyn View Post
It's possible that we live in an age where the Dragon turned and The Lord of the Morning became a champion of the DO. It's also possible that the stories have merely become so incredibly corrupted that we no longer understand that The Lord of the Morning really was the champion of the light.

Although, given my personal little hope that Ishy is a former "dragon" that turned, this gives me a bit to think about. Thanks, Lost One.

(Regarding the world ending and the loss of the last book, I've decided that this is inevitable...
Around CoS coming out, I hooked my dad on the series. Once he was well and truly into it, he asked me "when does it end?"
I said, "Well, RJ says three books. RJ has been saying three more books since TGH."
My father then decided to tell me that either he was going to die before the series ended, in which case he'd haunt me or the author was going to die without finishing it, in which case he'd kill me.
You get where this is going... I've decided that the world will obviously end on the 21st just to make my father's prophecy of not being able to finish the series true. I keep telling him that the book is written and it WILL be in a library in heaven...
Also, thank you Brandon Sanderson for saving my life.)
I have had the same thoughts.. the same feeling of doom.. that the world will end before the final book comes out. I mean it basically IS about the end of the world, and here we have prophecies about the end of the world being eminent.. (I love my relatives, but if I hear about the end times, the apocalypse, rapture, ect one more time, I think I will scream)as well as us effing up the place with global warming..ect).. To a cynical person like me.. it makes Which sucks, because I REALLY want to read this book. On the other hand, I did not consider a library in Heaven
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